Atheme IRC Platform

The Atheme IRC Platform is a legacy IRCv3.1-compliant set of middleware for IRC networks. It is typically combined with an IRCv3.1 compliant IRC daemon. It consists of the following packages:

Discontinuation Notice

Due to completion of all defined goals (the development of the IRCv3/IRCv3.1 ecosystem, major usability changes for services, etc.), the development activity of Atheme is winding down. There will not be another release cycle after Atheme 7.2. We encourage the community to fork Atheme and choose the most suitable forks to drive IRC forward. To this end, we will maintain Atheme 7.2 as a suitable base for forking until October 31, 2015, with all services (including this website) terminating on October 31, 2016.

To this end, you may find the following table useful:

Milestone Date
End of non-security bugfixes 1 May 2015
End of 31 October 2015
End of ALL bugfixes 1 May 2016
End of ALL services 31 October 2016

IRCv3.1 compliant daemons

The following IRCd software is IRCv3.1 compliant and Atheme is designed to work perfectly with them:


Atheme IRC Services is an IRCv3.1 compliant services daemon. Other IRCv3.1 compliant services daemons include Anope 2.0 or newer and X3. There is also a small, but growing list of forks.

You may find the downloads for the latest released versions here:

Older versions are available in the downloads directory.

Known Forks

At the present time, we know of the following projects that have officially declared themselves as forks:

Our lawyer wants you to understand that does not warrant any particular forks as suitable replacements to Atheme Services, and that this information is provided for your reference only. We strongly advise you do your own research in terms of feature availability and whether or not relevant security patches have been integrated into these forks. Further, we do not provide any support for forks, you should contact the vendor of the particular fork if you require support.

To people looking to fork, we suggest these guidelines in order for your fork to be legally compliant (of course, we ask that you do not consider this as formal legal advice):

Any fork compliant with these guidelines can be mentioned here just by asking us to do so.


Iris is a legacy IRCv3.1 compliant web-based IRC client. It is in the process of being replaced with various websocket solutions on the typical IRCv3 stack deployment. No formal release has ever been made, but it is available at GitHub.

Atheme Web

Atheme Web is a legacy web services frontend built using the Python Paste framework. It has not been updated in any significant way since 2011.

We do not recommend using this software due to heavy dependence on legacy Python frameworks. You can view the source at GitHub.